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Our Story

Our inner reflections

Flos Intimates was created out of the need for change, for a revolution.

We are Inés and Clara, founders of Flos Intimates. We are passionate about fashion, but we also believe that the sector needs an immediate change. Throughout the years we have seen that the fashion sector has arised with societal and physical stereotypes that influence society's mindset together with the excess of pollution that the fashion industry causes. We are damaging our planet, our home. We believe this needs to be changed. 

Our name "Flos" comes from Latin, meaning "flower". We have always loved this word, as we believe that a woman's and a flower's life share a parallel path of life. A flower grows and becomes beautiful on its own, thanks to the passage of time and with the help of life and nature. Women and flowers need nothing more than that to bloom and become beautiful. We must make them strong so that they are not trampled and withered.

In essence, what we want to convey is the empowerment of women. The union of all of us to achieve a common and very necessary goal, equality.


Our contribution to our planet

Another characteristic of Flos Intimates is that all the products we use are locally produced. We want to promote local trade and sustainability, reducing the CO2 emissions from the transport of each shipment we do. We daily work to make our materials as sustainable as possible although we are aware that we still have a lot of work ahead to achieve our goals.

Furthermore, our packaging aims to generate no waste. We use handmade cotton bags so that you can give them a second life. We, Clara and Inés, have sewed and stamped all of them with love.

What makes us different from other lingerie firms?

Our values. Lingerie is a very delicate, special and intimate product. Every woman is different and should feel that way, SPECIAL. Our aim is that when you wear one of our products, you feel stronger, more beautiful and strong to continue with this fight that concerns us all.

Your support will keep us fighting with our small great revolution to achieve a better world. 

The passage of Flos Intimates around the world seeks to help society and the maximum number of women possible.