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Is it thick?

Generally, a bikini has an outer fabric and an inner lining. The fabrics of our bikini have both functions, outer fabric and lining. Thus, the Gaia Bikini is not thicker than usual. 

Is it hot?

The fabric is cool and dries quickly, it is not hot and does not hold moisture. 

Why reversible?

The bikini is reversible in order for you to have two bikinis in one. We want you to have as many options as possible so that you can vary colors without having to buy more than 1 bikini. Versatility in our products is a very important feature for us and hopefully, for you too!

Is it durable?

The bikini is made with 100% sustainable and high quality fabrics. One of our main values is to sell high quality products, handcrafted and locally produced to offer maximum durability. The fabrics used are certified by OEKO-TEX and its composition is 90% recycled polyamide and 10% elastane. 

How to take care of your bikini to make it last as longer?

It is always advisable to wash the bikini with fresh water after each use, since sea salt and chlorine from the pool, if left unwashed, can damage any fabric.

How is it manufactured?

The Gaia bikini, like all our products, are handmade in Barcelona and surroundings. In addition, in order not to generate overproduction, the Gaia bikini is produced on demand, thanks to the pre-order method.

Where is the design from?

The bikini design is entirely designed by Clara & Inés, Flos Intimates owners.  The fabric colors were chosen by our Instagram followers through polls to make the best color match and the one you love the most! The design is inspired in asymmetry and the curves of life and our planet. 

Which pattern does the bikini have?

The top of the bikini has a single strap that is tied with a bow, so that you can adapt it easily to your fit. The other shoulder is completely uncovered, strapless.

The bottom part is a high-waisted brief with a cut-in and a high waist. High-waisted briefs are known to be the most styling briefs ever!

Who is it thought for?

The Gaia bikini is designed for women with character who want to feel strong and beautiful and who care about their style and feel good about themselves. Are you a Gaia Goddess? Then this is for you!

Which are the sizes available?

There are 3 sizes (1, 2 and 3)


Size 1: 80-85

Size 2: 90-95 (Cups A-B)

Size 3: 90-95 (Cups B-C)


Size 1: 34-36

Size 2: 38-40

Size 3: 40-42

Why those colors?

We love make you becoming part of the process & help us create the pieces of your dreams. 

 We were not sure which were the colors that our girls would like the most, as there were many beautiful ones. So we decided that the best option was that they were the ones who helped us to choose and so we made them participate in the design, which was something that seemed very nice, since this bikini is an amazing piece we owe them. 

The two colors were evenly matched, but when we saw how beautiful they were even though they were very different from each other, we decided to make the bikini reversible. They are strong colors but still sweet and elegant at the same time. We are delighted with the colors chosen by you all!

What does sustainable mean?

The Gaia Bikini is 100% sustainable, made with 100% recycled fabrics certified by OEKO-TEX. In addition, all our products are handmade in Barcelona and surroundings. 

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