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YOU are our essence

The most important thing, what made Flos born and the reason that moves our work and fight every day is: you and every woman on this planet.

Each one of us is beautiful no matter what body, size or color we have. The marks on your body do not only show your beauty, they define every internal struggle that you have overcome.
A beautiful woman is a woman who fights every day to be better inside, to improve the world and a highly manipulated and intoxicated society.

From the beginning we have had a very clear objective: to show each woman how beautiful and special she is in order to fight united so as not to let ourselves be trampled.

We have always defended and will always defend the diversity of bodies. No woman is the same, you are unique, there is no one like you, like me or her, and that is what makes us special.

We want to show and defend the diversity of bodies because we deserve it. We are aware that from the beginning, there has not been a great diversity of models and bodies in the photographs of our Social Networks and our web page. Nevertheless, this has not been due to a lack of desire, but to a lack of resources. The models that initially appeared in the photographs are ourselves (Inés and Clara) and friends of ours who feel identified with the brand and our values.

Today, we have managed to increase this diversity thanks to the beautiful women who have volunteered to pose with our products and show that beauty is in the strength and internal power of each one of us. These women (clients and followers of Flos Intimates) are: Judith Gómez, Elena Casanova, Chelsea Chanque, Marina Carol and Astrid Rovira.

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