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Sustainability is in our heart

One of the most remarkable roots of Flos Intimates, is the importance we give to sustainability. We consider that every person and every company must take responsibility for their actions. We cannot accept that the consequences affect our planet, our home and our source of life.

As you well know, flowers, like women, in order to become beautiful, must bloom naturally, and this will never be possible if we keep mistreating the planet.

What do we do at Flos Intimates to be sustainable?

Firstly, we produce each of our products in small artisan workshops in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Moreover, we are encouraging fair trade and local economy as we manage to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions produced by transport.

Since the beginning of Flos Intimates we work without plastics and have mostly reduced all of disposable materials in our day to day.  Furthermore, in our personal lives we, Inés & Clara, care about the environment and about being the least harmful to our precious planet.

An important factor for the sustainability of Flos, is the packaging we use. Cotton bags of different designs and sizes that are sewn by ourselves with lots of love. This bags are thought so you can use them in your daily life and give them unlimited uses.

We are aware we still have a long way to go to fully reach our goal to be a completely "Eco-friendly" brand. We want each of our products to be made with 100% organic fabrics, and although it is really complicated we will work tirelessly every day until we achieve it.

There are no excuses, let's be aware, together we will make it possible!
Don't harm the planet, don't let the flowers wither, let them bloom just like every woman does.


With Love, 

Clara & Inés

For You.