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Flos Intimates is the representation of beauty in every soul. Meet us!

It's Clara and Inés and we are excited to share with you our first blog post! 

We want to share with you all our path to get where we are nowadays and what really moves Flos Intimates to keep fighting with a never-ending hope.

We usually receive questions on what is behind the brand. So we decided to write this post to state them clear and provide you with the most honest and transparent information so that you can all get to know a little better us! 

When did you first decide to create Flos Intimates and why? 

Flos Intimates was born in 2019 after we, Clara and Inés, had several conversations on how we would like the world to change and which would be our path throughout our life to have an impact in people and the planet. We always thought a small positive change might be able to help even a little, so we were in need of doing something for women, because as women we believe that there are many empty spaces in many feminine souls that have eclipsed their vision of their own beauty. 

We believe every woman is beautiful as she is. We hope to inspire women to look within their soul to find the most beautiful version of themselves. 

So, if you are reading this: Believe us, you are beautiful. You are strong. You are special. 

Where does the name Flos come from? 

Flos is a latin word that means flower. When looking for a brand name, we believed we wanted a soft word that transmitted both serenity and strength. 

Thus, the name Flos comes from the inspiration of a women whose inner soul slowly grows her into an empowered woman who absolutely believes in herself. 

"Flowers need time to bloom and so do we." 

To us, a flower is the origin of life and latin is the origin of languages. So, that was a sign to us to choose Flos as our name, as our origin and as our root where to grow from. 

We hope that not only we, Clara and Inés, build our home with Flos but that you grow your inner best self with Flos Intimates, too. 

What does Flos Intimates believe in?

Flos Intimates principal value is: "Beauty is in the inside. Let it grow within your soul."

We believe in women who believe in women. We believe in love, when it starts with yourself. We believe in power, when it is translated into self-empowerment. We believe in fight for positive changes. We believe in you. 


With Love, 

Clara & Inés

For You