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Empower women you love

This is a message from a woman to a woman. 

Have you ever felt a little better when someone has made you feel beautiful? 

We constantly do. And the feeling afterwards is rewarding. 

As humans, we have the power of feeling and making someone feel a little better has never been easier. 

Since Flos Intimates was founded, our commitment to women has been our priority.  As women, we believe that stereotypes have eclipsed the way many of us see our own beauty. We should all feel our femininity, our strength, our most empowered self. We should all be capable of loving ourselves the way we are.

However, throughout the history, society has somehow made it hard for women to look at themselves and feel complete and whole. But this should not be a problem to us. We, women, are more than capable of turning this situation into a subtile movement that makes our voice count. 

We are equal, no matter our size or color. Women are beautiful. You are beautiful and you should never give anyone the chance to say the contrary. 

Make your heart be complete, and start within your soul. Start loving yourself. One day, your daughter will be grateful for what you did. 

The future is ours. The future is yours. 

Feel beautiful and make women you love feel beautiful. 

Happiness can be found in your soul, you just have to dig a little deeper and never stop working on you. 


With Love, 

Clara & Inés

For You